From the fairground to the penny arcade and hopscotch to skittles, join us for fun and games at the museum throughout the Easter holidays!

Play your day away at Milestones Museum with our mega compendium of games for the whole family to enjoy! With five different game zones inside to explore, knock down the pins in our traditional skittle alley, keep your hand steady with our giant game of Operation, test your skill with our fairground games and discover more about games from the past.

Fairground games - Enjoy all the fun of the fair with our traditional fairground games, from the pineapple shy to hooking the duck.

Street games - What better place to play traditional street games, than on our safe, cobbled museum streets!

Board games - Popular for centuries, try out some more unusual historical games or have fun with firm family favourites.

Arcade games - Take a trip back in time on the Milestones Pier to enjoy vintage penny machines through to 1980s classic arcade games.

Pub games - From shove ha'penny to the skittle alley, have a go at some good old fashioned pub games from around Britain.

Hop along and join our special Easter trail too.

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  • Play Days Games at the Museum
  • Children drawing
  • Giant Snakes and ladders
  • Giant Operation game
  • Chess game
  • Arcade pin ball game
  • Pineapple shy
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