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What will you see and hear at Milestones Museum, and what is available to support visitors with additional needs?

Watch this short introductory video to find out:

Milestones Museum Accessibility Map

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Self-led resources for SEND Schools 

Three self-led sessions are available for schools for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND):

Asking for the Past

This resource allows your students to develop their confidence and communication skills in a new environment. They must identify appropriate adults to ask for assistance and then search for objects or locations around the museum, asking for help and directions as they go.

Out and About

This resource allows your students to develop independent living skills. It enables them to explore different aspects of daily life and social interaction in the past including travel, shopping and using money. Through role play, they can build transferable skills to use in their own lives, helping towards their personal and social development, acquisition of functional skills and living in the community.

Work and Play

This resource allows your students to explore aspects of life as a child in Victorian and Edwardian times. Using sensory objects and props, they can explore related parts of the Museum, role play different jobs and leisure activities and compare rich and poor, old and new. The activities also allow opportunities for developing social, communication and functional skills.

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