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COVID-19 Information for schools: updated 17 September 2020

COVID-19 Hazard Information for Schools (v4 17 Sept 2020)

COVID-19 FAQs for Schools (v4 17 Sept 2020)


School bookings for the autumn term 2020

Many thanks for your patience while we carefully risk assessed the Milestones school programmes to ensure that we can offer the safest possible visits for schools, other visitors and museum staff.

For the autumn term we are able to offer per day:

  • KS1 Toys & Games; one school 'bubble' only; maximum of 64 students
  • Self-led visit; one school 'bubble' only; maximum of 64 students

Unfortunately the interactive and immersive nature of the other Milestones’ programmes means that the learning outcomes will be difficult to achieve while adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines that we are all working within. We are proud of our high quality learning offer and want to provide the best possible experience to support schools, and are not satisfied that this will be the case for the other programmes with the current restrictions.

School bookings from January 2021

We are taking bookings as usual from January 2021 onwards, subject to government guidance in place at that time.

Please contact us with any queries:

We apologise for any disappointment caused by this temporary suspension of some school programmes, and will be delighted to welcome you to Milestones when we are able to resume our school programmes in full once more.

Best wishes, Milestones Learning team


Explore our range of educational resources available at Milestones Museum. For further information and to make your booking, please telephone 01256 639550 or email

Information we will need

  • when you would like to bring your group to visit (with a couple of back up dates if possible, in case we are unable to accommodate your first choice)  
  • which programme you are interested in
  • the number of children and adults you would like to bring (see adult:pupil ratios)
  • contact details for your school so that we can send you your booking confirmation
  • any specific needs your pupils have such as learning or physical difficulties
  • what learning outcomes you hope to achieve
  • if your group would like to visit the sweetshop, gift shop, or pre-order souvenir goody bags

Familiarisation visits

After booking we recommend making a familiarisation visit to acquaint yourself with the Museum. Read more about making a familiarisation visit.

After booking

Once you have made your booking we will send you:

  • Confirmation of your booking with the date, times, number of children and adults and the programme you have booked
  • Teacher’s Pack including your itinerary for the day and all information about the organisation of your visit

Hazard assessment

We operate within Hampshire Cultural Trust's rigorous Health and Safety policy. To provide you with help in completing your risk assessment see our hazard assessment guidance.


You will be invoiced for your visit.