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Milestones is a valuable learning and leisure resource for many people. We hope that every person who visits has a rewarding experience.

In preparation for bringing an education group to Milestones, please ensure that all adults accompanying your group (teachers, teaching assistants and other adult helpers) read the guidelines below.

  • There may be a range of other visitors enjoying Milestones during your visit, including other school groups. We request that all visitors show respect for one another during their time here.
  • For KS1 groups, the required ratio of adults to children is 1:5. For KS2 it is 1:10 and for KS3 it is 1:15. It is important that group leaders remain with their groups at all times as the behaviour and discipline of pupils remain the responsibility of group leaders for the duration of your visit.
  • The museum arena has period flooring including cobbles and wooden blocks. Sensible, flat footwear is recommended for all visitors and we ask visitors not to run for their own safety and that of other visitors.
  • Some objects from our Collections are on open display. Please respect advisory notices, remembering at all times that these items are museum objects and should be treated with respect.
  • In order to avoid “traffic jams” on our stairs, we ask that you walk on the left in single file on the stairs at all times.
  • We would be grateful if visitors did not eat or drink while on the museum arena.
  • Milestones is a no-smoking building
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